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Regex Examples

Regex Search Box Effect
snora2 snora2\D snoRNA Names Show snoRNAs with the same name and if they have varying end letters
nr_\d+ External IDs Show all entries with a Refseq ID
hgnc:\d+ External IDs Show all entries with an HGNC ID
hgnc:\d.*ensg\d.*nr_\d+ External IDs Show all entries with an HGNC ID, an Ensembl ID & a Refseq ID
^(?!.*(hgnc|nr_)).*$ External IDs Show all entries without an HGNC or Refseq ID

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snoDB Use Case: SNORD118(U8) mutations are linked to Leukoencephalopathy


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As the article states:

"Despite the U8 snoRNA being ubiquitously expressed, germline mutations in SNORD118 cause an exclusively neurological, progressive microangiopathy"

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They conclude without establishing a causal link:

"The precise link between U8 and cerebral vascular homeostasis awaits elucidation and may conceivably involve a direct effect on translation or other yet to be defined functions of U8."

Had they had access to snoDB, they would have known that SNORD118 has predicted RNA interactions with cerebrally enriched genes EHD3 & ZNF536 (as we can see in the Next Slide >>>) which opens up potentially interesting avenues to investigate.