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photo of Michelle Scott

Michelle Scott

Department of Biochemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
Principal Investigator


Michelle completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Montreal in Biochemistry and a Masters degree at the University of Calgary in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology followed by several semesters in computer engineering before discovering Bioinformatics. Following this revelation, she undertook a PhD in Bioinformatics at McGill University in Montreal under the co-supervision of Mike Hallett and David Thomas, studying the prediction and characterization of protein localization in the cell. She then moved to Geoff Barton's group at the University of Dundee in Scotland for her postdoc. Amongst her research interests during this time, she investigated the prediction of protein-protein interactions in human and the localization of proteins in the nucleolus, creating the predictors PIPs (human protein-protein interaction predictor) and NoD (nucleolar localization sequence detector). During this time, she also got intiated into the marvelous world of RNA (and particularly snoRNAs) by members of the Lamond group.

Michelle is currently an associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Sherbrooke, and a member of the Riboclub.
photo of Philia Bourelle-Bouchard

Philia Bourelle-Bouchard

Department of Biochemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
MSc student


Philia is a 2017 Université de Sherbrooke graduate in health biochemistry who first started working at Scott lab in the fall of 2016 doing research credits. Philia would go on to do additional research credits in the winter before interning during the summer and fall semesters consecutively. Philia now pursues graduate studies in biochemistry.  

Roles: snoDB developer, webmaster.

photo of Gabrielle Deschamps-Francoeur

Gabrielle Deschamps-Francoeur

Department of Biochemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
PhD candidate


Gabrielle obtained a bachelor's degree in biotechnological engineering from the University of Sherbrooke. She started her master’s degree in May 2016 in Professor Michelle Scott's group in which she completed two internships during her undergraduate studies.

photo of Safa Jammali

Safa Jammali

Department of Computer Science, Université de Sherbrooke
PhD student


Safa is a PhD student in Computer Sciences with Bioinformatics profile at "Université de Sherbrooke". She is studying under the supervision of Pr. Aïda Ouangraoua and Pr. Michelle Scott. Her project is focused on representation and prediction of genes structures.

She holds a geomatic master degree with remote sensing specialization from "Université de Sherbrooke", in which she performed a computational analysis of NASA satellite images in order to estimate the soil moisture in forest areas. She received her bachelor's degree in mathematics-informatics from the faculty of sciences of Sfax in Tunisia.

photo of Joël Simoneau

Joël Simoneau

Department of Biochemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
MSc student


Joël is a biotechnological engineer bachelor student of Université de Sherbrooke and spent the 2017 winter session in Michelle Scott’s laboratory. During his stay, Joël worked on the regulation of proteins localization with a particular interest to nuclear proteins intended for mitochondria. Joël also had the opportunity to write a text about himself at the third person.

photo of Delong Zhou

Delong Zhou

Department of Microbiology, University of Sherbrooke
PhD candidate


Delong obtained an engineer degree from École Centrale Paris in 2012.

Since April 2013 he joined the lab of Sherif Abou Elela in co-direction with Michelle Scott to study how the regulation of alternative splicing is implied in the biology of ovarian cancer.

Hardcore gamer and proud veteran of the HORDE.

photo of Hoang Dong Nguyen

Hoang Dong Nguyen

Department of Biochemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
PhD student


Hoang Dong completed a bachelor in biology at the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse. In order to finalize his master degree in bioinformatics, he obtained a intership for the winter session at the bioinformatic lab of Michelle Scott, co-supervised by Maxime Richer and Andréa Allaire with the aim of discovering new molecular and genetic biomarkers that would allow for a reliable classification of humain brain cancer malignancy.


Hoang Dong, with his common contraction Hoang, discovered that he loved bioinformatic as much as Quebec beers.

photo of Gaspard Reulet

Gaspard Reulet

Department of Biochemistry, Université de Sherbrooke
MSc Student


Gaspard obtained a bachelor's degree in biology from the Université de Sherbrooke in April 2019. Since he started in professor Michelle Scott's group in the winter of 2018 for research credits, he has never left the laboratory and started his master's degree in May 2019. Using new RNA-seq methodologies, Gaspard is interested in correctly characterizing the budding yeast's transcriptome  and improving it's genomic annotation.
He also stands for reproducible science and it will be his pleasure to tell you about Snakemake. On his free time, Gaspard can be found road/mountain biking, climbing, backcountry skiing, playing outdoors.


photo of Laurence Faucher-Giguère

Laurence Faucher-Giguère

Department of Microbiology, Université de Sherbrooke
MSc Student


Laurence graduated from Bishop's University in Biochemistry. She began her master's degree in the summer of 2018 in the laboratory of Sherif Abou Elela codirected with Michelle Scott. Her project is about understanding the role and mechanism of overexpressed snoRNAs in high-grade ovarian cancer to discover biomarkers as earlier diagnostic tools for this very aggressive cancer.​