Our group focuses on the characterization of biological pathways and mechanisms using genomics, bioinformatics and machine learning approaches. Our areas of interest revolve around the study of RNA and the regulation of protein subcellular localization.


We are currently particularly interested in:

-the biogenesis and function of small RNAs
-the genomic characterization of the targets of RNT1, prototypical type III yeast endonuclease
-the regulation of protein subcellular localization at the level of splicing
-the combinatorial action of splicing factors
-G-quadruplex identification and function


Our approach combines careful curation of the literature, analysis of high-throughput datasets (and in particular deep-sequencing datasets) and data integration to create predictors and models of molecular classes, biological pathways and systems.  Please watch the tools section as our databases and predictors become available.

We collaborate closely with wetlab research groups to generate our datasets and test our analyses and predictions in an iterative manner. Several members of our group are members of members of others such groups including Sherif Abou-Elela's and Jean-Pierre Perreault's groups.


Latest news

One year to catch up!
How time flies! Lots of news in the past year! Let's try to go chronologically: - Congratulations to Jean-Michel Garant for his PhD title which he obtained following his thesis defense in June 2019! It was also an opportunity to say goodbye since he left the lab to start his postdoc in Vancouver! - Welcome to Danny Bergeron, who started his PhD in September 2019, welcome back Étienne Fafard-Couture who joins us for research credits. - Congratulations to Gaspard Reulet and Hoang Dong Nguyen for obtaining the RNA Innovation grant from the NSERC CREATE program in January 2020! Also, we once again welcome Etienne Fafard-Couture, who started his master's degree in January 2020! - We are also welcoming 2 interns for this winter, Stacey Carpentier and Clément Desjardins-Henri! Tommy Duval is back again for research credits. - We wish to say goodbye to Philia Bourelle-Bouchard who completed their master's degree in January 2020 and wish them success in their future projects! - We wish to say goodbye to Joël Simoneau who finished his master's degree in February 2020 and wish him success for his PhD at the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)! - Like everyone else, the laboratory is affected by the coronavirus crisis. The laboratory closed in March 2020, but everyone works from home and projects are progressing! - Despite having left, congratulations to Joël Simoneau who received the Pierre Chailler award in recognition of the very productive year he had! This distinction was presented to him virtually in March 2020 by all the professors of the department and highlights his excellent work over the past year. - We are happy to welcome Jean Vencic for his Master 2 internship. While he was supposed to join us in March 2020, he unfortunately had to start in France because of the confinement. - We congratulate Danny Bergeron on obtaining his Excellence Award from the FMSS, his doctoral scholarship from the FRQNT, as well as from NSERC. - We congratulate Étienne Fafard-Couture on obtaining his Excellence Award from the FMSS, his Master's grant from the FRQS, as well as from the NSERC. - We congratulate Gaspard Reulet on obtaining his Excellence Award from the FMSS. In short, a busy and very fruitful year!

May 1, 2020

A Dream of Spring
The winds of winter still linger in the air at the start of this new semester where we see 3 new interns join our ranks! Welcome to Clément, Séré and Tommy to whom we wish a pleasant and enriching stay among us this summer! We also welcome back Sébastien and Gaspard who starting masters.

May 16, 2019

A well deserved award part 2
The 25th seminar of the department of biochemistry was held today with 10 students presenting their work throughout the day. The juge's preferred presentations were awarded prizes and we Congratulate Gabrielle, Fanny and Philia for coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively! And a double congratulations goes out to Gabrielle for having also been awarded the Pierre Chaillé award which acknowledges the incredibly prolific year she had and all the hard work behind it!

March 21, 2019

Summer fades. Autumn looms
Summer went by in a flash and here we are once more at the start of a new fall semester! The lab's filled up this time and we extend a warm welcome to our two new interns Étienne & Simon as well as to Sérine, Martin & Gaspard who will be doing research credits (welcome back Gaspard ;) ).

Sept. 4, 2018

A well deserved award!
On this day, Jean-Michel Garant was acknowledged for his very prolific year as a PhD candidate with the Pierre Chailler award! This prize was bestowed upon him by Xavier Roucou, the director of the biochemistry department, on behalf of all professors in the department to highlight Jean-Michel's incredible work during the past year. We congratulate him for this well deserved honor!

March 23, 2018

A Brave New Year
Congratulation to Gabrielle and Vincent as well as to Joël and Philia for starting their PhDs and MScs respectively! We're also pleased to welcome Hoang from France for his Masters 2 in addition to Ariane and Olivier for their research credits during this winter semester!! We wish them all the best for 2018!!!

Jan. 8, 2018

Something old and something new
We are happy to welcome our new intern Olivier Boisvert and to see Philia continue their intership with us for the fall semester!

Sept. 5, 2017

We greet Philia Bourelle-Bouchard and Yvan Tran in the team along with the sun and summer.

May 15, 2017

Back from holidays
The group is back from holiday break. A new intern will be working with us this semester, Joël Simoneau.

Jan. 5, 2017

Another semester
This new semester brings few changes. Audrey, Daniel and Darren are back in classes while Félix is back with us for a second internship. We are welcoming Michaël Desgagné in the group for an intership as well.

Aug. 30, 2016